The major purpose of art is to liberate the imagination, broaden the aesthetic perception and to induce the emotions. We believe that art has no boundaries, therefore it is for everyone. The job of our gallery is to help you find that one art piece that will deliver all the best from art.



From all over the world and this number is growing constantly. We represent not only experienced artists but emerging ones also. Our team is working hard to select the artworks that would perfectly fit your home, office or collection, that would inspire, rejoice and create the value. In our gallery can find artworks of various sizes and forms, exceptional jewellery, ceramics and textile pieces as well as the sculptures.


The Modern section of our gallery represents the artworks of experienced and emerging artists. Our team carefully selects contemporary paintings of various dimensions, sculptures, authentic ceramics and jewellery items both to purchase for your own home or office and to give as the gift. The major features of these artworks are modernity, authenticity, quality and the enduring value.

l’artiste COLLECTION

The Collection section represents the artworks that have veritable investment value, carefully selected by our art consultants to match your needs and current or new collection. These artworks usually date to XIX – XX centuries. We are able to offer you the art pieces not only created by famous Lithuanian artists, but others as well. If you cannot find the right match among the current artworks provided in Collection section of our e-shop, contact us and we will be happy to find the artwork that you need.

Simple to choose

One of the major goals of our gallery is to make buying art easy, to make it available for everyone. And to do that we have created a user-friendly e-shop, described the common types of art and presented the artists in the most understandable manner possible. Each and every customer can easily choose the exact type of art that he wants or browse our gallery to find it. Secure payments and global shipping is also a must for us.

Understanding the art

The art is usually perceived as something that requires special knowledge, preparation and, of course, capital. We believe that this is not always true. Our team works hard to find and present the artworks in an understandable manner and language, so that every customer could see and feel what the artist wanted to deliver. We often display our artists in a different way – short dynamic videos, unconventional interiors etc. This helps our customers to understand and see the artworks in more surroundings and, of course, decide if it’s the one painting, sculpture or jewellery artwork.


The Team